Genre: Travel / Lifestyle

Duration: 6 X 30 Min (Season 1)

Channel: Channel NewsAsia


You're in Asia. You're in the mood for a bike adventure, you feel like hanging out at the beach, snorkel, experience eco-tourism, heck! You want to go sailing! But you're tired of the same old getaways!  So, where will you go this weekend? A brand new six-part Asian travel guide for those who yearn for an adventurous WEEKEND retreat in a unique place.




Genre:  Mini Documentary Series

Duration: 20 x 3 Min

Channel: National Geographic Channel


Small But Mighty, is a 20X3min mini-series that will reveal the movers and shakers that make up Malaysia's community of Small and Medium Enterprises. From F&B entrepreneurs to retail chains, from manufacturing units to consumer goods production, Small But Mighty will feature 10 inspiring individuals. ​


Genre: Supernatural Drama

Duration: Pilot (HOOQ)


After his father’s death, Kwong, a widower, knows his destiny is about to change. He moves into his family ancestral home and struggles to accept and take over his father’s job – guiding lost souls to the “other side”…





Genre:  Documentry

Duration: 1 x 44 Min

Channel: National Geographic Channel


Historian and anthropologist Dr. Julian Davison embarks on an odyssey to uncover the history of the Straits Born, a unique culture and privileged elite of the Malay Archipelago in the 15th Century.  


Genre:  Online (NGC)

Duration: 5 X 3 Min


In a series of vignettes, award winning photographer Sherman Ong, travels Southeast Asia, pointing his lens to catch the essence of fellow Peranakan descendants and the culture they are preserving. 



Genre:  Documentry

Duration: 6 x 60 Min

Distributor: TVF International


Despite the relentless spread of humanity, the grandeur of our earth has not faded, from its lush rainforests to its arid deserts and its diverse oceans. And although you may think you have seen it all, there are some places on this earth that remain utterly unfamiliar, yet spectacular all the same. This is a story about the relationship between man and nature, how they co-exist and together create their own unique environments.


Genre:  Documentary

Duration: 1 X 45 Min


Silent Screams: Stolen Faces is one of Channel NewsAsia’s landmark 4 part documentary series that explores the unspoken issue of violence against women in Asia. Stolen Faces examines the devastating experiences of acid attack victims in the city of Phnom Penh and Delhi, through their personal stories of trauma, recovery, hope and survival.




Genre:  Crime Documentary

Duration: 8 X 30 Min

Distributor: TVF International 


A raw exposé of epic proportions, a wake-up call to the world, that the underworld of crime is bigger and bloodier than you ever imagined. From assassins to pimps, pirates and drug dealers, we open your eyes to how and why tomorrow's horrors are already being committed today, for money. 



Genre:  Social Issues

Duration: 18 X 30 Min


ASIA Exposed is a documentary series that follows established photographers who are challenged to take on entirely new and sometimes heart-wrenching topics, embarking on eye-opening quests to capture magical moments. Winner of the World Silver Medal in the Best Documentary Category - New York Festival 2011.



Genre:  Documentary

Duration: 30 X 60 Min

Distributor: Passion Distribution


Culture X, an exciting documentary series that sheds light on lesser-known customs, cultures and traditions, many of which have been prevalent for decades, some for centuries. Yet many of these age-old practices have rarely or never been heard of, with hardly any exposure in the mainstream media. Winner of the World Silver Medal in the Best Documentary Category - New York Festival 2009

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